Fishing Report

Reports Monday through Wednesday

By on October 4, 2017

Monday we had a full day trip and we call it loads of giant sea bass that had to be returned 600 big Mackerel  A few Bonita  and one albacore. Tuesday we also had a full day trip we caught 250 jumbo porgies that we kept five nice triggerfish 400 mackerel and a few giant blues between 12 and 18 pounds. Look for a few of these trips  later next week when we get some Calm weather . Today Wednesday morning,s  we kept 150 porgies a few Bonita some mackerel 10 bluefish and we threw back 250  Sea bass . Tomorrow through Monday we have trips for blackfish Sea bass and porgies 7 AM and 1 PM. We have crabs on board for a bait . As soon as the stripers show up we will be fishing for them.