Posted on: November 30, 2023 PRIDE FISHING REPORTS

 Sunday and today so some of the best fishing of the year Sunday we caught loads of stripers both shorts oversize and slots but unfortunately we had to throw them back because we were over the 3 mile line. We also had about 20 giant blues today Thursday, November 30, there were a giant schools  of stripers 2 miles out, and we had our limit within a half an hour and 15 fares caught  over 300 stripers with high hook catching 35 . Without a doubt the best day of the year we are still sailing Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7 AM. Come on down. Friday and Saturday of last week we caught a bunch of little ones in the inlet with no keepers. Thanksgiving day was a bust. We only caught one striper and one giant bluefish, even though we looked far and wide.