Captree’s finest 80 foot open public fishing boat.

For many of us who cherish the history of the party boat fleet in this region, the arrival of a new boat is something you never want to miss. It only happens that one time when a new party boat makes her way to her dock and her first arrival into her berth. This time the new boat being brought in by owner Captain Rob Andresen, Captree Pride, has a long history not only fishing out of Captree, but for a short period, Sheepshead Bay.

Originally built in 1970 for the Joseph family by Outer Banks Boatworks (one of the various named boat yards under the Gilliken/Harkers Island designation during the sixties through seventies) and was noted as being the second largest Gillikin ever built (the first being the Ranger III aka ‘money’), designed as a very roomy vessel to fish year around from fluke to codfish, with even a Elac scanner installed in it.

Over the years after it passed from the Joseph family, through a few owners in Captree, it temporarily came to Sheepshead Bay, before heading back to Captree, with it’s last noted owner being Captain Paul Risi, who named it “TRADEWINDS.”

Captain Rob who owns the Captree Princess, purchased the boat in March of 2012 and has done some job prettying her up with bright blue paint on its hull and gold-leaf lettering.

The new Captree Pride will have a very well known and noted south shore fishing captain at its helm when she begins regularly sailing in the beginning of May, as Captain Kenny Higgins will be at the helm. The boat will be sailing daily at 7 am at that time, and no doubt her legacy of carrying fishermen and catching fish out of Captree will continue on.